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Nose bleeds

Hi, I had to join in this thread, on Tuesday of this week we had our 12 year old Huskey put to sleep because of the dreaded nose bleeds. It all started about 3 months ago, she had a bit of a bleed and our vet said, she has an infection or has inhaled something or she has cancer. A week or so later she had two bad bleeds in one night so we took her to the emerg vet and had her nose scoped and a cat scan done (seems unfair for a dog but there we are) and there was no question, it was cancer. The emerg vet said she would have about 3 months, he was off by 1 day!!! Surgery and radiation was an option but not for the feint of heart and arguably not fair for a 12 year old dog. In the last two or three weeks her breathing was starting to deteriorate (panting all the time) and on monday of this week she had a huge bleed. We got that stopped and crossed our fingers, Tuesday, exactly the same thing. So we made that awful decision. Our vet was out, putting a dog to sleep for a nose cancer!!! but came back to the clinic for us. When it was all over, I asked the vet what causes these things, is it just bad luck or ? He doesn't think its bad luck. He maintains that nazel cancer is epidemic (sp?) and all due to pesticides, given that most dogs sniff lots of grass, they inhale a lot of pesticides, he's been practising for years and cannot believe the increase in this problem. A lesson learned I guess and sadly my logon name is now untrue.
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