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I have been training and competing in obedience for quite a few years and I can honestly say the prong is the best invention ever... it is commonly referred to as the "miracle collar" and it is nothing short of it. I will never use anything else on a dog. When used properly, the prong allows you far more control when working with your dog. Small corrections communicate more effectively and allow you to train without ruining the dog’s attitude. I found that to effectively correct my dogs I was have to give them a really good pop with the slip collar (coke chain) this rarely did anything but confuse the dog and leave me with a dog that didn't like training all that much. I do not like the slip because of were it sits on them.... dangling, this area has no protection therefore when they are corrected it can be quite painful and as already noted leave permanent damage. The prong collar is fitted snugger (not tight) right behind the dogs ears as to effectively control the dogs head. I do agree with what was already mentioned.... go to obedience to learn proper timing of corrections and proper use of the collar. Good luck.
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