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Feline Renal Function Test Results

My cat, Merlin, is 15 years old and had slightly elevated Bun (38) and Creatinine (2.5) levels on his last two blood tests. My vet says he has kidney disease, but his specific gravity is 1.050 (high normal) which I've read means that he has a pre-renal issue, NOT kidney disease.

Anyone know anything about pre-renal issues or renal function test results? I'm trying to figure out if his results may indicate something serious enough that I need to switch vets to get him treatment. Anyone have a cat with pre-renal issues or have any idea what pre-renal issues even would be?

If not, does anyone know of a trustworthy online vet, either for pay or not? I'm happy to pay for the second opinion if I know the vet is reputable. I'm kind of at a loss of what to do now that I'm not entirely trusting my vet's judgment.

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