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You know in that last picture...Trixy's marking look a lot like Smoke's....

And I'm with you Chico, at 3 you have to be a little wary of pricy foods! for fish around here, the girls hate it (Windy will eat salmon once in a blue moon) and they are all getting so finicky. Windy and Smoke only like that grilled chicken fancy feast and Buddy also enjoys finishing everyone's breakfast (even mine of im not careful!) so he gets fed seperately now. I've tried the wellness wet and a bunch of other ones too, but my kitties don't like that mushy texture they all have, even the Nutro natural pouches weren't meat like enough for them.
They are loving the Wellness dry food though...and after only a week and a half I do actually see a difference in the size and stink of their poop...before it was HUGE and stinky enough to take over the whole apartment! Not to mention that they seem to have a whole lot more energy too!
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