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Have owned 4 RR and bred a litter that I kept my male out of. Temperment--strong willed, must be socialized, but very loving family dogs. My two now love everyone--from babies to wheelchaired, but from puppyhood on they met literally hundreds of folks and went to obedience classes and play dates with other dogs for dog socialization as well. This is a breed you must remind daily that the rules are still the same and you have not changed your mind. At the same time, once rules are learned and routines understood, they are very very easy to maintain. Strong prey drive as in any hunting breed--also varies with the individual--some are fantastic lure coursers, some would rather sniff the daisies than trample them, . Some do well in agility and even obedience, but the norm is they would prefer to just have a good hike or a fun wrestling match with other dogs. One word of caution--do not wrestle with your RR--they should never learn people can be played with that way, as they are very strong and LOVE to play fight.

The exercise sounds sufficient--when they are young they need more play time with other dogs, and your beagle will find an RR plays a little rough-each breed has it's own method of play. However, one of mine had a dachshund as a best friend, and they worked out a way to play. It's very true, the females are tougher, but some of the males I have known were very protective, so you have to know what the temperments of the lines you are looking at usually turn out to be to get a glimpse of what your future adult dog will be like. Visit as many breeders and talk to owners at dog shows etc--helps a lot.

Continue researching, it is always the way to go before committing to a new pet--kudos! By the way, mine almost hibernate through winter--when the mercury drops, they just sleep it away. Once spring hits--exercise needs ramp up accordingly-immediately!
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