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Originally Posted by List View Post
All 3 of my cats eat the Nature's Variety medallions. They are a huge hit here. It took a few weeks when we originally started to get them to believe it was food, but once they did, they loved it. They prefer it to all other foods now. I've tried other pre-made raw, but all my guys still go after the NV medallions. Although they do like chicken necks and plain raw too.

Since switching all the cats look fantastic, they all shiny and muscular. My one cat who has problems maintaining the correct urine PH (and therefore chronically developed struvite crystals), has done amazing with raw. We've had no problems at all since switching.
I'm hoping this will help Vlad a bit with his weight. He's a big cat, but he's not super active. He doesn't look fat, but I am hoping eating raw will keep his weight at a good level and maybe make him want to run around more.
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