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Originally Posted by lindiak007 View Post
Hello guys,

how much do you excercise your Ridge? I want to add a Ridge to my pack (beagle dog) and would like to know if i can manage Ridgeback as for "excercise needs"
i usually spend 1,5 hour in the morning with my dog, then he has a dogwalker ..cca 1,5 hour (morning+ afternoon altogether) and then he has ccan 0,5 hour in the evening.

Do you think if would be enough to wank them together? or does a Ridgeback needs more time outside??

what about their temperament?
thank you
Hi Lindia,

First of all, I'm not entirely clear as to how much you mean here - two hours total for the day? I walk my 20 month old RR offleash about an hour and a half a day. He is very lean and fit, and we may do more this year, I kept it to that length of time as he was still growing. But offleash, running around the woods with me, is very good exercise and if we didn't increase it, I'd be happy with the level we are at.
As for requirements, this breed does do best if they are active. Like many hounds, the RR is a bit of a couch potato but also benefits from a regular conditioning programme. And of course there are always individual variables; one of my boys, Luke, was very lazy. Most of the RRs I have know are energetic and love to run and play.

I do think you are fine with an hour and a half daily, especially if it's offleash and there is another dog there to play with.

Temperament wise, I'd have to say this is not a breed for anyone who wants an easy dog. They were bred to think independently and are not as likely to be quick and responsive as say, a Lab or a Border Collie. Recall can often ne a challenge. RRs are very independent and yet sensitive, so the trick in my opinion is to balance good leadership with gentleness. Becasue the breed can be frustrating if you don't understand their mentality, some novice owners make the mistake of using harsher methods with them, which can shatter the human/canine bond in a big way with these guys. I started Daniel right away in kindergarten and then into clicker work and he's a delight to live with, but he is still a Ridgeback, and will always require some training reinforcements and a skilled approach. In my experience, the females of this breed are a lot tougher then the boys, too.

Just a few thoughts here, it's great that you are asking questions before plunging in. I adore my RRs and could not imagine my life without one - but as for my friends who have 2,3 - 5 - of them, I don't know how they do it. My other dog is a Border Collie/Lab cross who is possibly the easiest, most responsive dog in the world, and she has taught Daniel a lot about how to behave. I cannot take all the credit for that!

Nice meeting you,
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