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Preparing Beef Meals for Cats

I hope someone can shed some light on this.

I just purchased stew beef, pork ribs and a boneless steak to see if my 3 cats would like the taste of beef. They have been on a partial raw diet for a month or so, supplemented with Wellness. Since they sometimes turn away from the raw, I was thinking they were getting tired of chicken, so I bought beef and pork to try.

I gave some stew beef chunks to 2 of my cats and they LOVED it! The 3rd one needs some coaxing.

I don't have all the ingredients to make a balanced meal yet. I can't grind beef bones in my grinder (can I? -- I do chicken bones) and I don't have beef bones anyway right now. I don't have beef liver or beef organs. I sent away for bone meal powder and liver powder, but it won't arrive for a few days.

My question is (or questions--I seem to have many):

1. Do I freeze the beef, thaw it when the ingredients come, mix the batch and freeze again? Or...

2. Should I freeze the pieces in small packets and just thaw and give pieces to them as a treat until I use this up?

3. Has anyone ever tried grinding beef bones? Has anyone ever used liver powder and bone meal with beef or pork to make meals? If not the powdered ingredients, what do you use?

My ultimate goal is to find some variety to just the chicken meals, and see if the cats like one meat better than another.

Thanks for any help you can give me!!
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