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i did for a while with Mister and the cats. it was quite rewarding!!!

the hardest thing was finding a good balance of calcium. we eventually got lazy and fed raw so we would know they were getting enough or not too much.

BUT after all the research, my best advice is to eat healthy yourself and feed the same thing you eat, just different portions.

for example-

we would have mixed veggies microwaved or steamed
mashed potatoes
garlic bread
broiled chicken

Mister would get 60% chicken
his veggies and taters were pureed together with crushed egg shell at a few tablepoons
his salad was without dressing and he just ate it as is, bout a half cup of loose spring mix lettuce
he got one slice of garlic bread

when we had beef for dinner, he would get ground beef (cause steaks are EXPENSIVE!!) and that was cooked really rare.

when we home cooked, he also got breakfast. thats when we put supplements in it. i would make 1/4 cup of oatmeal adding in egg, a pinch of ground flax, calcium supplement if i felt it was needed, uh.... a fish oil pill?? i cant remember now, sometimes honey, frozen blueberries, yogurt, whatever the kids didnt eat...

some oddball things we kept on hand for him-

cottage cheese
variety of cheeses
tons of eggs
ground flax
frozen fruits and veggies (they dont need to be cooked from what i understand)
garlic-rosemary (most of his meals contained both of these)

we cycled through chicken, ground beef, pork chops, whole turkey (that lasted forever!) and various 'on sale' fish.

one thing homecooking taught us was that we can find things besides salt, sugar and oil to cook with to enhance flavor. it was really nice that we could basically share anythign we had with him, as long as we watched his portions (and our own of course!!!). he now has tea with us (decaf), he does clean up duty after meals still, shares many of our desserts since we use very little sugar these days.

a few suggestions for you on your researching journey- look up the nutritional value of everything. for example dark bird meat has tons of zinc, tendons and such have good joint sustaining nutrition, oranges help acidify urine, there are several great leafy green things of which contain tons of calcium. not sure of the bioavailability of those for carnivores but we fed kale and spinach regularly.

variety and portions are the key.

sorry for the long post!! hope theres some stuff you find useful in it.

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