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Unhappy Help!!! 9 day old kitten stranded


I am trying to help a stranded kitten. I am feeding the kitten every 2 hours but she does not take more than a few drops and that I have to force. She has an open wound above the anus which I'm trying to wash out a few times but there are small worms coming out of the wound. She has a terrible odor and is defacting, I think, on herself. Her anus is swollen as well. The vet is closed until tomorrow. I guess I would like to know if this baby has a chance with the worms? Could these worms be from the wound or could she have many inside of her? I have been cleaning them off but a few more will come out. One eye is also closed and we cant open it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help her go to the bathroom? I have tried a warm cloth but that does not work.

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