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LR - I would love to have Maybelle and Maybelline however here there are by laws I have to stay within but thanks for the thought!! (it was hysterical, I'm still laughing).

I thought at first we would do flyball but my husband has decided he would rather do agility. The training school where I have Murph offer a preschool agility class so once he has completed basic puppy preschool we will enroll him in that. I'm lucky that I have two young children who need "herding" themselves every once and a while. They are also good for lots of play time. Murph has many toys for his chewing and active brain, most of them are something he has to work at.

I am surprised though that in all my research I never came across the dog aggression info so thanks to both LR and marrielle for that heads up.

Marielle - thanks so much for the guesses atleast it's something to think about.
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