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Being of a British disposition it usually takes a lot to move me but reading all your posts tonight has brought me to tears on several occasions and touched me very deeply. It has also, I'm afraid to say, worried me quite a bit. I am the proud owner of a 13 year old white west highland terrier called Robbie who we got from a dog sanctuary. He has always been fairly healthy although he did have to have a polyp removed from his rectal area at the end of last year.
At the end of February we went on holiday and left Robbie with a very trusted friend. While we were away my friend noticed Robbie was, after sniffing around during his walk, bleeding from his nose. As he didn't want to worry us he contacted is sister who has had a lot of experience with dogs and she reassured him that it was only something stuck in his nose. He told us about this when we returned home but apart from being a little 'sniffley' Robbie seemed fine. Over the weeks though I noticed that he was sneezing more than he had before, swallowing more especially while asleep and making funny snorting noises though none of this seemed to distress him.
About a month after the first bleeding episode his nose bled again after sneezing. The blood was in clots with a little watery blood afterwards but there was no real 'bleeding' of the kind other posters have described. However we took him to the vet the week after the bleed and although one vet thought it maybe a tumour another vet disagreed. Anyway Robbie was put on a course of anti-inflammitaries and given antibiotics to see if that would help.
Although I'm glad to report there has been no bleeding for over five weeks and he seems happy, is eating well and is even putting on weight he is still sneezing frequently, rubbing his nose against furniture and swallowing and snorting as before. The only thing that the vet can suggest at the moment to alleviate my worries is to give him a full-face x-ray. he would need an anesthetic for this and as he is an old dog and doesn't cope well with being put out I am loathe to do this therefore I'd be really gratefull if anyone who has seen these symptoms in their dogs could tell me what the diagnosis was. He is such a little scrapper and I would hate to think he was in any discomfort .
Thanks in advance xx

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