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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Murph's Mom
He plays with other dogs and pups outside of class and this agressiveness does not appear. Any ideas?

Thanks for the compliment on Katie and you're right she is still going pretty strong although she has arthritis now so she is slower now..a bit. IMHO if Murph is not displaying this aggression with other dogs then there may be something about the relationship between him and the other dog that is part of the problem apart from the fact that as mentioneed already BC's can get somewhat snippy around other dogs at times. All this assuming he is well exercised before class and has his energy released physically. The seperate classes will help too I'm sure.Perhaps he is creating pack rules with the other pup which he considers as a part of his own since he has spent time with him on his territory. At any rate, if he were my dog I'd probably try a few training sessions together at home with my neighbour and other dog where they are both expected to carry out basic commands before playing together. I might drop the whole play time on home territory anyway until the rules were straightened out. Anyway, all my personal ideas feel free to ignore it.. it's hard to guess when you can't see the dog itself so a guess it remains. You've a handsome "Border Brain" as we say
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