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14+kitties - Very cute picture - I love how Sam isn't interested
Aslan - perfect picture for the theme -
meg4050 - goofy smiles eh - okay I'll buy that
Spatx - Nice 'in the action' shot!
Sarah - Nice 'innocent' expression
clm - I swear I'd swap my bald head for a head of of Baxter's sweet flowing fur
krdahmer - That first shot is simply hilarious -
Chico2 - Love the goofy cat-nip high shot with the tongue sticking out...and the wine shot... and the cat on the door shot!
Sylvie28 - Looks more cute than goofy - but we'll take it
GailP - Doggie Hula and a puppy luau- Love it!
RickC - Not so foolish but very beautiful

Great job everyone!
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