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Question Raw Bones - What to Buy?

I'm going to my local farmer's market on Saturday and want to stop at the butcher's and pick up some raw bones as a treat for my boyfriend's family dog, Heidi. The problem? I don't know what bones to ask for or how much they will cost. Please help!

Heidi - 10 yrs. - Lab X - 85 lbs. - strong chewer but I think her teeth are getting a little sensitive these days b/c of age.

I'd also like to get something for my pup Chase - he's 11 mos. and about 65 lbs. - can he have a raw bone now? He normally just chews his Nylabones but I'd like to give him something different.

Note: I read some other threads on this and know to freeze them until I want to give them and will supervise the chewing...just wasn't clear what alll the different types of bones are and what dogs they are best suited to.

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