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lol awwwww thanks guys

hehehe i didnt tell anyone cuz i did it on a whim and it wasnt the clearest picture. Also I went into to full exam mode right after so i didnt really have time to vote myself, hence my poor baby had no votes :sad: Plus I was actively voting for Maggie I know if i put some effort in and sent out an email now I could get him like a 100 votes but...people already think im the crazy cat lady

but thank u guys!!! At least I can tell him he got some votes, lol. I was gonna have to keep him away from the computer with his no votes

i have to go him a bath now, he has poop stuck to the tail!!! the glorious tail I tried to get it off with wipes but just not working...sorry bud. Sometimes u just have to curse alll that flooof, the poopies get embedded
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