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oh and about the cord covers u have 2 options:

crittercord and chewsafe, i believe the link rainbow gave (thank u!) is for chewsafe. I ordered and tried both, IMO chewsafe is the better product. Ill write a review in the appropriate section when i have time, but basically a) its cheaper b) it comes in longer sections so you can cover long wires in one go without having to have gaps c) its slightly thinner and thus less cumbersome to deal with (easier to slit things inside etc) and d) it is infused with the smell but to a less toxic degree...i.e. with crittercord think I may pass out in the computer room (sooo many wires), not so much with chewsafe.

But in terms of doing what they are supposed to do (prevent chewing) they work equally as well. Bunduk has licked the covers but not really chewed them yet.

Oh and as for bitter apple, he likes the taste or he doesnt mind it. Im forever tasting that when it acidently gets on my hands but he doesnt mind at all. Maybe he zapped his taste buds?
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