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U guys crack me up.

I swear when I figuired it me and mo were laughing soooooo hard, gasping for breath I even told him it confirms my suspicion that his mom dropped him as a baby

The thing is after all this, i sat down again to watch the rest of the show with my mom and then Bunduk climbed onto the tv stand and well it was an arab show and arabs, like italians, wave around their hands like crazy when they talk, so there was bunduk swatting at the tv trying to catch the guys fingers!!! He literally did this for half an hour..I wanted to get the camera but I knew if I got up he'd come after me....

lol i always used to wonder if he actually watched the tv.

LOL hahahaha im seriously laughing here by myself, u guys dont understand hes really really slow, i mean i shouldnt laugh but..
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