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Bunduk almost electrocuted himself....twice!!!

Im writing this after a frantic run around the house unplugging whatever wires I didnt have enough crittercord (tubing) to cover the wires with (im waiting for my next shipment)...

So my mom, toronto bro and myself were watching some tv in living room....I was on the couch and Bunduk went behind the couch, Onnie plopped himself down on floor at the end of the couch (so he could still keep watch on Bunduk)

Enter: Bunduk hisses/yeowls/ unearthly noise

I literally jumped off the chair and looked behind me there was Bunduk and Onnie...I assumed Onnie got up and beat Bunduk up and so "sssst" (my hiss, lol) Onnie leave him alone!

Both of them look at me kinda confused and we move on

I explain to my mom and bro that Bunduk is in some sort of power struggle with Onnie over who's boss and so theyre beating each other up lately (thanks all who gave me that explanation!)...all is well.

Once again unearthly scream/hiss/yeowl. Once again I jump up, once again Onnie is near Bunduk and bunduk looks like this .

This time Im more firm with Onnie "that's enough now , shoo!".

My mom asks bro if he has something on the stove no ...we dont smell anything, he gets up to check..nothing..more tv (my mom's nose is ridiculously sensitive)

Onnie then plops himself infront of the couch and starts peeking under it to look @ bunduk who is stil behind the couch. At this point im thinking what the heck is bunduk so obsessed with behind the couch anyway!?!?!

There is Bunduk chewing on the wire of the lamp that lights up my mom's painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He pretty much eloctructed himself twice hence the yeowling, Onnie is innocent and my mom was smelling that!!!!

So yes...thats my story of the night. I didnt wrap up that wire specifcally because its thick and he's a thin wire kind of anyone with chewers be carefull!!!! I used to say i wish hed get a small shock so it would teach him not to chew but clearly he will still keep chewing!!!!! Thank God I was there and I caught on eventually.

woweee....just to add to my exam stress *oh bunduk*
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