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Raw bones

I bought my dog Guinness a couple raw frozen bones at the pet store the other day as they were out of his usual bully sticks. Not to mention, those things are expensive and I'm tired of paying so much for them. I think the raw bones may be better for him but he is not raw fed and I really am not sure what I'm doing... is it ok to let him chew on these or does he have to be on a raw diet? One is a lamb bone (some type of leg bone), which I actually have let him gnaw on a bit. He loves it! He hasn't had any problems with it, but since I don't know what I'm doing I thought I'd better ask some questions about the raw bone feeding. He has chewed up about half of it in a few nights (I only let him chew a little at a time because I was worried he wouldn't tolerate it well or chip his teeth). The piece that is left isn't very big so I'm wondering if it should just be thrown out. He does chew things up pretty well before swallowing though... Also, the other bone is a bison knuckle bone... should I let him have that or are knuckle bones a problem? Guinness' diet consists of Nature's variety Instinct Rabbit kibble and various canned foods to top it off, and occasionally yogurt or leftover rice thrown in. He does love chewing recreationaly and I would definitely consider a raw diet for him at some point, if I learn enough about it.
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