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Originally Posted by chico2
Wow Knight,and you are asking me for advice,little princess Trixie eats like a queen Is natural Balance pate or chopped meat?? My cats will only eat pate.
So far I have always had to go back to Fancy Feast and Nutro,they'll eat nothing else...maybe I'll try Natural Balance too.Nutros canned food looks good enough to put on a cracker
Hubby and I take cod-liver oil capsules in the winter(not sure why,but I do as I am told )Just wondered if it would be good for the cats too?
Oh,and I just LOVE looking of pictures of Sardine-cans Just kidding,maybe I'll buy some.....
LOL well i did tell you this same message i posted here in private chat a while back!... yeah she does were you not reading my private messages? i also did say that money is no limit to when it comes to TRiXY...(since food for a pet is Not that much anyways when you got 1 pet lol)
i feed her the dry Natural Balance® Ultra-Premium Dry Cat Food..It's a 6lbs bag..
and like i've said she also get their "canned version"
along with Human grade Sardines and Tuna...
Human canned sardines and tuna is only about 20 to 30 cent's more LOL..
you really should have read my messages sent to you they are far more detailed yes Natural Balance roxx

Wellness is good..just a little over priced 5lbs for $24.99..
Natural Balance 6 lbs $19.99 (prices are Quotes from montreal stores)
gotta feed a 6 month old kitten that's over 2 feet 5 inches long the best....
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