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so i went to the humane society today, got the paper work. their main requirements are having all your pets in your house fixed and having a fenced yard.. which I have both. But I am wondering, if who my prev dog died may cause a reason for the adoption getting rejected.. Cain was about 5.5 yrs. the vet said he probably died of a heart attack, but I didn't get an autopsy done so I don't know for sure. I am just going by what the vet said.
DO you thing that the humane society will look at that and think that I am not a good pet parent. He was fine when ever i took him to the vet and running around like crazy up to the minute that he collapsed. Many people have told me that maybe he had a clot that I didn't know about that just dislodged at that moment. I feel like it is my fault and I am afraid the humane society will see it that way. What you guys all think???thank you

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