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I am face with this issue almost weekly when I check the classified- to see how ppl advertise dogs (I sometimes call the cat free to as good home ads and urge them to charge a fee and none of them claim to never have heard of the many horrible things that happen to "free" kittens or cats or dogs.

There is a local woman - and by local, I mean she lives many a few hrs away - who sells labradoodles. She has a web site and for awhile was getting lots of publicity. Then the animal rgts groups pointed out how really, these dogs are NOT at all any less allergic and pointed out that while they are cute, they are NOT what is being advertised, esp at $1500! I notice now that as people get away from buying them - and I do hope this is a trend- the dogs went down to a $1000 and today, they are $700. I hope she is driven out of business but then one worries about where her original dogs will go - and I worry about how many times she breeds a year!

I just checked her sorry state of a web site and you know, she ships her dogs with Canada Post!! Is that even possible? I guess Express it might be ewwwwwwwwwwww!
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