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Originally Posted by Tash83 View Post
Guess I got ahead of myself there. Just was caught off guard by some of the remarks that were said about mixed breed dogs. I do understand the point of what everyone is saying here.
That was basically the point of me starting this thread. After reading, everyone made some very valid points. I believe I did the same thing in getting ahead of myself. It was just the way some went about presenting their opinion that gets you a bit defensive upon first reading. As you all know, to many pet owners, it's not different than talking about someone's child.
I will say that I have learned some things and agree with many things that have been said here, but like Tash, I don't regret for a second getting my dog. It's unfortunate that some people make it possible for us to even have this discussion in the first place by putting the responsibility they chose onto others, and ultimately the poor animals.
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