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As a rottie person - I ask you to please not assume that 95% of dog attacks are caused by one or two breeds. The problem is that the media knows that the mere mention of a pit bull or a rottweiler will guarantee sales. Not so much if you have labradors or pomeranians in your headline. I don't know what the statistics are for Australia, but I do know that North America (either the U.S. or Canada) is lacking any kind of reliable method of tracking dog bites. Most are voluntarily reported unless there is a death or major mutilation of the victim and the police are involved.

The other thing you need to consider is that most often, the VICTIM is asked to identify the breed of dog that bit them. Unless you live and breathe dogs, chances are you can't tell a pit bull from a lab mix.

There are many facets to being a responsible dog owner. Vetting, training and socializing are a great beginning. KNOWING your dog - what it's triggers are, how it shows things through body language, keeping it out of situations that could cause a problem - these things are just as important as vetting, training and socialization. And being aware that a dog is just that - a dog - and not some child or furkid, capable of attacking and killing even if it has never done so before.

While you are sure that neither one of your dogs would ever hurt someone, don't ever, ever lose sight of the fact that either one of your dogs is CAPABLE of hurting someone.
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