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Dog Attack

I have been crusing the news, which is something I do most nights, and happen upon a story of a woman ,and a small dog attacted by a Rottweiler. Once again as the story goes,, ( and always seems to be the same story) the dog has never been vicius before. I usually don't believe that line, but the neighbour they interviewed seemed to hold that same feeling. ( who knows they could be best friends) but still I'll give the benifit of the doubt.

Last year near here a woman's pit bull attacked and killed her granddaughter in their back yard. To the dismay of many since the dog has never be vicius before.

So here is my problem. Some owner are just blind to when their dog is vicious,, some dogs have never been vicious and for no apparent reason attack and sometimes kill, some dogs stay wonderful pets forever and never hurt anyone ( sorry but it does tend to be the same breeds 95% of the time)

I really hope it's just blind owners because if this is your trusted pet who has never shown signs agression till the day he attacks, causing bodily harm or killing how the heck are you to trust him.

Now I know,, my Rudy would never hurt a fly,, or Sammy has always been as gentle as a bear.. it just scares the poop out of me when I see news where a dog that has never done anything agressive but today turns on a person or another dog for no reason.....

Someone please tell me how I am to trust these breeds.

Please don't eat me up,, I just want to understand the thinking and what makes this dog safe and this dog not safe. And don't say it's the bad owner,, cause that is just not the case of the dog that lived near here, or it would seem the dog on the news...... if you want it to check it yourself it was on in their video section.
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