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Originally Posted by Elizabeth Ann View Post
This might be a little , so sorry.... but....

I got Gizmo (supposedly a pure bred **** tzu) from a friend who got him from a pet store. How can I find out if he came from a puppymill after the fact?

Not that it really matters because it wont make me love him any less, but I was just curious.

(sorry again for taking this a little )
maybe try calling the pet store where gizmo is from and see if they have a record of where it was from. i don't know if that have that kind of info, but you never know

jim......Chewie was very happy that I slept with her last night. I think she was in a little bit of pain and just wanted some cuddles. I must say I am glad that I got her fixed. I wish i did it sooner. next time I know better!
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