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Originally Posted by Tash83 View Post
Hi everyone. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful dog. His name is Marley and he is just a little over a year old. From the day I have brought him home he has been nothing but a joy. He trains easy and listens well. He has a wonderful, funny personality. Marley is everything that I wanted in a dog. I spent alot of time looking into what type of dog to get. Although I love labs and golden retrievers I didnt want to deal with the amount of shedding involved with these breeds. Some people would never care about something as trivial as shedding, but I know I do, and I think its very important and responsible to not buy a dog without thinking of all aspects of owning one. I opted for a goldendoodle and have not had a second thought since I brought him home. I have also known the breeder I bought him from since I was a little girl and didnt hesitate to but a puppy from her. She treats her dogs great. Yes she charges quite a bit for her puppies but definitley nowhere around $2500.00. I paid $900 for my Marley and he was worth every penny. Marley and I are perfect for eachother and hopefully will be together for many fun filled years to come. Imagine if I had missed out on one of my greatest joys in life because I didnt want to shell out $900 for a mutt. Im definitley not saying my dog is perfect, and he is definitley not everyones cup of tea, but hes not any less of a dog because he is not a purebred.
Please - do not for a minute think that anyone here thinks that mutts are any "less of a dog" , are not fabulous companions, and are not smart as a whip. What we have a problem with is people (even wonderful people who treat their dogs great) who intentionally breed mutts with absolutely no regard for any health issues beyond a quick trip to the local vet to be told that their dogs are healthy, and sell them to make money.
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