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Thank you Growler,Chico, Rainbow and everyone else, but actually my family is arguing with me that it's her mom Roo. On this picture it's so hard to tell. That day my daughter was celebrating both dogs, eventough one was born in April and the other one in June. Here's a picture of my 9 y.o. cat Pinky. He never scratched anyone, not even my son who's now 15. When Pinky was a kitty, my son would carry him around for hours, Pinky always had this look on his face (be patient, he will eventually let go) Now Pinky & my son are so close. I put it on an other post, but I can't find it. I read every post and look at every pictures and I enjoy it very much. I think that my husband thinks I'm spending too much time on I wish I could write to everyone, but could you imagine how much more time I would spend
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