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I would not feed this stuff to any dog. It is a bunch of filler. If you change to a high quality food in 2 months you will see huge changes. Smaller poops, (the food actually digests), much healthier coat, more energy, generally better health and the best is that in the long run your vet bills will smaller because they are healthier in turn live longer. So I think $10 or $15 a bag is a small price to pay. There are a lot of high quality foods and not all of them are expensive some are in the medium price range. But consider one visit to the vet $65.00 just to walk in the door, no tests or anything. You might spend that extra on food in one year and not have to take your dog to the vet other than annual check up an shots. You will lessen the chances of digestive problems and blockages and numerous other problems. Remeber that I buy only the largest bag available so the difference in price might be much less if you have small or medium size breeds and you feed less of good food.

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