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Prong vs. Choke collar

Hi there, I own a Dalmation who is a good boy but I was reading about the prong collar discussion that Carina and Lucky wrote in Question about pit bull mix thread. I use a choke collar as a corrective tool. Pele (my dog) usually heals fine except when he sees squirrels. When he notices the squirrel I sharply pull the leash up and say "no" to redirect him. Sometimes it works, usually it doesn't. Even if I notice the squirrel before he does. I have a haltie or gentle leader which works fine but I feel that I'm sort of disconnected with Pele with it on. He becomes so preoccupied with it on that his first two priorities are to get his walk in so that he can "patrol his turf" and to get the "damn haltie off". Though it does work for pulling. So my questions are if you guys think I should continue to use the haltie and work on the look at me command or because I prefer the choke to switch to a prong...and how would I use it intsead of the choke to redirect him. Thanks
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