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Question Cat vomitting - possible prednisone connection - Answered by Dr. Lee

I'm so happy to have for this site! All the members seem to truly care when a pet isn't feeling well.
My 7 year old cat, Max, has a problem with vomitting bile. It might be once a day & then nothing for 2 weeks. Sometimes, there is a fur ball along with the bile. I saw the vet, he ran a blood test which was within the normal range. He sent me home with natural fiber capsules. This didn't seem to help so on my next visit, he gave me an antibotic & some nutritional supplements. I can't see a difference. I've confined both Max & his litter sister, Abby, to the kitchen/family room, removed my silk plants, changed his food to IAM's Digestive Care for sensitive stomachs, but he still has this problem! Now his sister is also showing the same symtoms!! Other than this one issue, both cats act & play the same.
I've even looked for worms, but found none.
Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I might have missed or what I might try to help poor Max & Abby!!
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