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I wasn't able to find any Swheat Scoop at the market last week, which usually sells it for less than the pet store. Since I was on a very tight budget I went with the only other natural litter they had. Some corn based litter I'd never heard of. OMG, I can't wait to get paid again, because this stuff is terrible.

I will never buy another corn litter again. What I saved by not going to the pet store and getting the SS isn't worth the smell. It's not pungent, but when I walk into my apartment I can smell there are cats living here, whereas with the SS there is no odor. I'd love to try the Feline Fresh, but I can't find it anywhere here and I've looked online on Petco and Petsmart and they don't sell it either. I'm going to try ordering it from the actual site to give it a try.

In my opinion though, of all the litters I've used so far, Swheat Scoop is the best for me.
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