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I use the swwheat scoop as well. Love the new multi-cat formula... clumps harder and faster. And I have never had a problem with stink. I do not flush it here, simply for the sheer amount I would be flushing... pee and poo times 6 really adds up! (Guess that's a good thing after all! Poor otters!:sad I dispose of it in the doggy poop bags every night when I scoop and then into the regular garbage. I only do a big clean out every two months and all that gets put in seperate bags and tagged.

Ya Chico, at first the cost really put me off, but even though I spend $100 on litter, that's only once every two months (8-10 wks), and for 6 cats that's not bad. This litter clumps better so scooping is easier and cleaner and it also controls the smell a lot better than any clay I ever used. With my asthma I really had to look for a litter with no harmful dusts. I did also use the World's Best corn stuff, but didn't like the smell of it with the pee. The corn had a very sty type scent when used, and the swwheat is more of a bakery smell. Not a bakery I'd ever eat at mind you...
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