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Originally Posted by Kristin7 View Post
No sea otters around here! Regardless, I don't flush the litter but instead throw it in the garbage. The flushability is a good indicator that the litter biodegrades. Not sure, but I think cat litter waste can be composted, depending on type of litter? At least, only the urine part, probably not good to put the poop of a meat eater in the compost bin....
Toxoplasmosis is dangerous to all marine life so please don't flush it no matter where you live, whether you have sea otters or not, it will affect other species too. (not directed specifically @ you Kristin7)

With the Pine litters of which I use Feline Fresh (your welcome Phoozles ) it is competely compostable only you would use it for flower beds etc not for veggie gardens, hay fields etc where someone would be eating from that land.
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