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We have had Skipper for about 4 months now and he was used to having someone with him 24/7 well my grandma has gone away for a few weeks so he was left alone now we have gone out a few times and never had problems so I didn't think there would be any now. Well the stinker chewed up my carpet by the front door we are to the concrete with the tiny nails sticking up so I had no choice but to put him the crate. I didn't think he would do well since I knew he didn't liked to be locked in. My son is the only one to get him into the crate I have to work on that, but we never had a problem again he doesn't whine cry bark nothing from the first time when we get back in (gone from 6:30 -4 pm) he is asleep in his crate unbelieveable I didn't think we would get so lucky. My new one is to get him in there at night should have done this since day one!!!!!!
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