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We have Molly a six year old cairn.I agree very smart.They are probably one of the easier terriers.Molly loves her family,she's great with big dogs not so good with little ones,wonderful with kids,can be little bit of a pain for barking,is totally unreliable off leash, will take off after any small animal,is totally fearless and is sole handedly responsable for the fact we have no mice in the house and no rats in chicken coop.I don't think a cairn is a great choice if you want a dog that will blindly obey you,but if you want a great little dog with lots of personality that will usually listen to you sooner or later if it's really important and they see some reason for them to do so then you've made a great choice.We love ours and I think she's just as loyal and loving as my collie or beardie.She's also incredibly cuddly at the end of the day.
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