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Question Let's Talk Kitty Litter!?

We live on a small farm (9 acres) and do our best to be environmentally friendly, which also helps with our land management.

We use a straw-based bedding for the horses that breaks down fully in two weeks. Meaning, after 2 weeks we can spread it on our fields, which helps with space constraints, etc.

The barn cats and the house cats each have kitty litter boxes .. and we use a clay based litter. Bad me, bad me ... I know!!

We can't dispose of the kitty litter on the horsey manure pile, since they don't break down at the same rate. And I DON'T want to be spreading kitty litter on the fields that the horses eat from ... ick. Plus, our garbage bag limit is two bags a week ... and all that kitty litter takes up alot of space!!

So, what are my choices for both economical and environmental kitty litters?

Thanks everyone!

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