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Originally Posted by snowflake1 View Post
it hurts me when you say that I am not a responsilbe pet owner. I love my pets. yes one of cats is not fixed, but she lives a spoiled life.
Sorry, that did sound harsher than I intended. I have no doubt that you love your pets very much. It’s just that you have to view it from the Rescue’s perspective: they’re front-line in dealing with the consequences of the many irresponsible “owners” out there, so they’re naturally going to be very cautious on this issue. Take my co-worker, for example. Her cat, not even 2 yrs old, is probably pregnant for the second time. I just want to drag her by the hair to the Calgary Humane Society and arrange it so that she has to euthanize a perfectly healthy cat because there’s no more room for it. And it’s not like she’s the only one out there like that, tragically enough.

Is there a Humane Society near you? What if you looked for a dog there? They might not be as paranoid about your situation as a rescue is.
"To close your eyes will not ease another's pain." ~ Chinese Proverb

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