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Originally posted by LuckyRescue

Petunia'sDad has joined us on our pit bull board, so I'm sure he'll get a solution.
Cool! I belong to a very active Rottweiler board; the knowlege base is incredible.

A feew weeks ago I was walking Dutch in the woods and we scared up two deer, they rushed out of the trees right across our path. Despite the pinch collar I literally DID wrap myself around a tree to stop us, because Dutch took off like a freight train after the deer. He has a ferocious prey drive and has killed two critters (a rabbit & a possum) while onleash - he is fast and at least he kills very quickly.
He's about 100lbs of muscle and very strong; I'm not particularly large and it happened so fast I had no time to brace myself.

Petunia'sDad, best of luck with her! Petunia sounds like a real pistol. And I just love that name.
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