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Originally Posted by clm View Post
8 years old is not an old cat and not too old to get spayed and I don't understand why you wouldn't get a female cat spayed anyway. Saves them from going into heat which will make her a whole lot happier.
Small price to pay to get her fixed so you can get a puppy from a shelter instead of purpetuating the problem by getting one from a mill or a byb.
IMO knowing that getting a puppy from questionable sources is wrong and doing it anyway simply because you don't want to get your female cat spayed is pretty lame.

Well said clm!. I would like to add, that spaying your cat is healthier for her. I had a foster cat in heat and I don't think she was happy at all during it. I ended up keeping her and she is sooooooo much happier as a spayed, just loving life kitty.
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