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Originally Posted by Writing4Fun
I know it's hard to stay civil when people are being purposefully insulting. I think I understand Tamara's point though. We're just sinking to that person's level, and then all the newbies and folks browsing read the posts and think we're all rabid. IMHO, our best bet with folks like "that one" would be to reply with a simple "There have been numerous posts citing perfectly valid reasons why BLS won't work. Please review them at your liesure.". How frustrating would that be for someone looking to start a fight?
Yeah, and to clarify I know I'm not perfect AT ALL, and when I just reread the first post of this thread, I sort of come off sounding like I'm mightier than thou. But Writing4Fun is exactly right about my intention. YES, there are jerks and morons here -- but those of us who have valid things to say have no need to stoop to their level.

People keep responding to this idea with "I have no apologies for what I said. He deserved it." etc., but that is missing the point entirely. Do you think I care how he feels? He was obviously looking for a fight, but if we buy into it and start calling him names, what we're trying to say loses credibility.

Before anyone presses the submit button on such a post, perhaps he/she should take a moment and ask if it's furthering the cause or doing the opposite. I myself have made full replies on this forum and deleted them without posting. I've also gone back quickly while the rest of you were sleeping (time difference working in my favour) to edit a post that was unnecessarily snappy. And sometimes I've gone ahead and posted something snappish and regretted it later. But when I read the BSL thread, it was just too obvious that both sides were being degraded by the immature fighting.

Tyr, Pami, Sneaky -- I wasn't talking about anyone in particular. It was a reminder to myself as much as anything. Sorry if you felt under attack in any way. You guys are great!

Edited to add: LOL Melanie
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