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If this had to do with my comment made to BTPB. I do not feel bad saying what I said. He/she was obviously here just to cause trouble. Not to make a point and discuss it with the rest of us. What they said was truly stupid and did not make any sense. I am not in the habit of "bashing" others. I am quite the opposite and would think of myself as a very kind and caring person. Maybe I care too much and when someone who comes here just to cause trouble and upset people it is very disgusting and I feel the need to respond to them. If I offended this person - which I did not because they never came back and read any response to them (as I excpected) - I do not really care. If I offended anyone else here I do apologize because as far as I know everyone else here is a doll! Even if we may not always agree. I would never say anything mean just to be cruel spirited and cause trouble. If it is myself that anyone is mad at please PM me.

I myself would also never call such a kind person a racist - that is really mean!
"Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is."
-Albert Camus
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