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=( Sorry for the delay guys, it's been busy!
My Ph turned out to be a 7.2 which the fish guy at the store said was pretty decent. I found out what was wrong, he had a little inflamation around one gil, so I ran to the pet store to grab some medicine. They handed me something called fungal removal for betas and a all around antibacteria medication (the same stuff used to treat fin rot). I used the antibacteria med and Mr. Betta's gils got betta in no time!. I even got to feed him some brine shrimp =D!
He looked pretty happy and all, =( then he died about 2 weeks later.

=( He had actually just turned 3.5 years old since I purchased him. (my mom corrected me )

=( I want to know if I did anything wrong, I don't know if my fish died from old age or from something else! When I found him his tail fin was pointed upwards and his head was in the rocks.
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