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the dogs you have chosen are what is that based on because they are 4 very very different breeds! has your family owned a dog before, what is your experience with them? if you have limited experience with dogs i would steer clear of a husky or shepherds as they are generally not recommended for first time dog owners.
all the dogs you picked need a ton of exercise (not just in a back yard) i would say each of them need a good hour (two hours in the later puppy phase) to be adequately exercised.
do you plan on attending obedience classes or have a strong back ground in training a dog?
how old are you? whos dog will this be? are you planning to go to college? because you more than likely won't be able to take the dog with you.

i have experience with huskies and shepherds.
huskies- always need to be on a leash, they have a tendency to roam, needing a well fenced yard. they are also very stubborn at time and require alot of patience when training. I would say more than you average dog. they are hilarious and have a wonderful sense of humour and the personality of a toddler!
shepherd- you want to be aware of all of the family members training methods. I would suggest only positive reinforcement training with this breed especially as being rough with this breed can have disastrous consequences. they are very protective and loyal you do not need to train them to be this way as some would think. they have a high incident of hip dysplagia- an expensive and debilitating disease. make sure if you go to a breeder to screen for this. and if get a rescue i would get an xray soon afterwards so if it is there you can start some preventative measures to minimize arthritic build up.
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