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Originally Posted by tongamoggie View Post
It's kinda funny really. I've always leaned towards larger dogs. I had an australian cattle dog and a neopolitan mastiff when my daughter was born. She grew up with them and as she became more verbal she started to ask for her own dog. I was not about to add a third dog to the family but the cat and two dogs were getting up there. Around the age of five my daughter became more and more verbal about her own dog. Neither the mastiff or the cattle dog paid much attention to my daughter as they were both my dogs...followed me everywhere. So I began a search on the net for a smaller dog for my daughter. When she saw the pic of a bedlington she was in love. I almost gaged. I had always thought bedlingtons were the most rediculous looking dog around...and being a large and kinda tough dog lover I was not really interested at all. I researched the breed anyways and eventually met some bedlingtons. They are less terrierish than other terriers, dont shed at all, loving and gentle with kids...all good qualities. Then I went to visit the breeder I bought Indy from. She had quite a flock of bedlingtons...all well behaved and sweet. I instantly fell in love with them. Some of her dogs are agility trained and have companion dog certificates...very obediant..not something I expected! Well, we bought a pup as our cattle dog was diagnosed with melanoma in his eye and the mastiff was almost 9. Little did I know that I would have 3 dogs for the next three years. Indy is a great little dog...very obedient, sweet and gentle....good with the other animals . He is still very much a terrier at times but I like the spunk! The cattle dog was put down when indy was 3 and a year later the mastiff...she was just about 13. The siamese cat as well..aged 20. So my pack diminished all at once. Indy was depressed for about 3 months then seemed to snap out of it. We had already decided to get another dog..not sure what. I wanted another dobe but didn't have the time needed to spend with a demanding breed. I had also gotten used to no dog hair..something unknown in my house for over 2 deckades. So, we looked at terriers again. If Id had it my way it would have been another my breeder had more pups..but everyone else wanted something that was a little more of a house protector.... I'd always liked the look of the kerry blue and the fact that they dont' shed. I had the grooming equipment already and figured "whats one more?" Soooo, I investigated...worried abit about how another terrier would fair with all the birds and guinea pigs.....visited the kerry breeder....met the adults, and was relatively certain all wojuld be well. I used Ceasar Millans method of introducing a new dog to the pack, and the rest is history...match made in both my terriers and wouldn't trade em for anything. The kerry is a silly creature...full of happiness and love...the bedlington is a little more dignified but is still one of dogdomes best kept secrets. Both of these breeds are wonderful but I will also give much credit to breeders that consider temperment paramount.l.....over confirmation in the show ring...not that that is not important...but a beautiful creature to look at that is a pain to live with is a common occurance these matter how beautifully built the need a stable mind first...although I have no complaints about my terriers and may show my kerry as she moves really nice and has nice conformatioin...maybe a tad large tho.
You have shed a lot of light on the Kerry for me! Also, you made me discover the Bedlington! Both breeds seem very special, and with that, made my decision-making process even harder! I'll try to meet some dogs at a dog show perhaps, if there is one in my area anytime soon!
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