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Wow, Evilbird, that was a great post! I will definitely be tapping into your knowledge in the future.
I have decided to start off with some Electric Yellows, since my friend is a fantastic cichlid-keeper and has a bunch of spawn. I hear that one male to two females per species is the best way to keep harmony in the tank, ans these fish are omnivores. I'm trying to lean toward omnis and herbis, as I'm really not a fan of feeding live. Would angelfish be okay with the yellows? And how about a pleco, can I put a pleco in with cichlids or will he be eaten? I ask this because the pleco I have is getting too bog for my 20, so I'll have to bring him back to the store to exchange him for a smaller one if I can't put him in my big one.
My 65 and my 30 are going to be my display tanks, I also have a 10 that I will be putting up in another room... should I use that as a hospital tank, or a tank to put my new livestock in before I introduce them to the larger tanks?
Thanks in advance for your advice - 11 tanks is amazing! How you find the time is beyond me...
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