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My wife developed a minor allergy during her first pregnancy while we had a long haired cat. We found the cat a good home at the time. 9 years later we got an Abasynian that does not bother her 90% of the time.

We got ourselves a standard poodle 9 months ago, he's now 11 months old. My wife has had no problems with him around our house and he sleeps in our bedroom next to me on the floor. Even after 4 months of not having a hair cut, there is no problem. He's about 84 lbs and he is great with my kids who are 6 and 9 and they have no allergies either, not that they had them before.

My father has a medium long haired dog that when he is at our house for a few hours visit, my wife doesn't seem to show any allergy symptoms. However, when he's at our house for a few days when my folks go out of town, she gets congested and some runny eyes. He was picked up from a shelter about 10 years ago. he's a different dog, different fur, and he sheds.
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