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Originally Posted by caharris View Post
Now, when he gets outside, it's like he's on crack...running around like a mad-dog. Then he doesn't go potty (the 2nd kind). So we go back inside. 2 minutes later...he's doing his potty dance...we go back outside...and it continues. I went out 5 times one night and nothing. He eats everything in sight. Sniffs everything, runs like a crazy-dog that's on drugs...and that's it. I don't think he associates outside with 'potty'. Any tips on how to get your dog to go potty first and then play?
lol - puppy zoomies!!!!

I'd keep the dog on leash and don't come back inside until both are accomplished. usually, a short brisk walk will help get a pups bowels going... so if a trip into the yard doesn't do it, try to plan for a 5-10 min walk instead. walking at a quick pace will minimize the sniffing & dilly-dallying. no play until the walk is over and he's done his business.

and yes, it DOES get easier. pups are alot of work! worth it in the end though!
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