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Puppy Blues

I'm glad I'm not in this boat all by myself. My friends that don't have dogs don't understand the total patience you have to have to train a puppy.

I ended up getting Bailey a new smaller crate (the plastic kind that he was in for 10 weeks as a pup). He likes it SO much better. He doesn't cry anymore. Well, whines a little bit, but not as much. Maybe it's more familiar to him.

Now, has anyone said, 'what was I thinking??" about getting a puppy? Like, do I really have the patience for this. I just went home for lunch. Now, when he gets outside, it's like he's on crack...running around like a mad-dog. Then he doesn't go potty (the 2nd kind). So we go back inside. 2 minutes later...he's doing his potty dance...we go back outside...and it continues. I went out 5 times one night and nothing. He eats everything in sight. Sniffs everything, runs like a crazy-dog that's on drugs...and that's it. I don't think he associates outside with 'potty'. Any tips on how to get your dog to go potty first and then play? I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex....I'm getting TONS of exercise going up/down those stairs 3-5 times each time.

Please tell me this gets easier??? I'm hoping puppy school will help too, but any tips you might have on crate -> outside -> potty routine would be helpful!

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